The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, Mike Michalowicz In Jamaica Inspiring Budding Entrepreneurs

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur at U Tech

Toilet Paper? Ok. Sounds a bit strange but THE “Toilet Paper Entrepreneur” (TPE), Mike Michalowicz was in Jamaica recently to present at a U. Tech forum hosted by My Elite Grocer entitled “How to make it big in business even though the economy sucks wind” and it was well worth the price of admission ($500).

Mike’s key message of “it’s all in your head” (well mostly) was well received by the young entrepreneurs present even as he struggled to give away US$100.00 to make his point (if someone is offering you money, what’s stopping you from taking it?).

Below is my attempt to sum up Mike’s presentation in 10 points,

1. Change your beliefs- “It’s all in your head”, you have to truly believe that you can be successful in order to be successful

2. Implement the formula- your beliefs + what you focus on = your apparent action

3. Remind yourself often that you’re the best at what you do

4. Find other successful persons to show you the way

5. Monitor your emotions- they are the best driver to entrepreneurial success

6. Have a 10 year vision- where do you want to be in 10 years?

7. But have a 90 day plan that gets you to your vision (this is called “tacking”)

8. Trust yourself more than anyone else

9. Work relentlessly towards your goal, wanting it is not enough

10. In sum, wanting it + believing it + knowing you’re going to get it + focusing on it + working relentlessly = entrepreneurial success.

So what are you passionate about?

For more details, you need to buy the book-Toilet Paper Entrepreneur by Mike Michalowicz

For more details and photos from Mike’s visit see The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

Mike visits St. Andrew High School to talk about what it takes to be a entrepreneur

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  5. May 5, 2009 at 7:26 pm — Reply

    Self-made, U.S multimillionaire Mike Michalowicz’s talk at the Technology Innovation Center in Jamaica was very inspiring. A huge THANK YOU to him for sharing solid business tips that helped to take my business, MyEliteGrocer.com, to the next level. I saved US$400 on accounting software ALONE and even more so found an inexpensive way to have an internet presence for my business without an enormous cash outlay. Everyone I implore you to buy Mike’s book. It is available in Jamaica at CHRONICLES in Upper Manor Park Plaza and MY ELITE GROCER (at University of Technology). Outside of Kingston? Call us at 876.512.2638 for further information.

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