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Surfing in Jamaica and the Jamnesia Surf Club

19 April 2014 by Karin in Sports,Videos [ no comments ]

Here’s a bird’s-eye view of surfing at Copa in Eastern Jamaica.

If you want to surf Jamaica, Jamnesia Surf Club is the place. 

The Jamnesia Surf Club is situated at Eight Miles Bull Bay, Jamaica. The Club was established by the Wilmots, Jamaica’s first surfing family, to provide a home to groom new surfers and help with the development of surfing through surf related events.

Jamnesia caters to travelling surfers by providing tent and room options at affordable rates.

Special package deals include airport pickup and drop off, lodging, meals, surfboard rental, surf instruction and surf shuttle.

Shopping and cultural sight seeing tours are also available.

For more check out their website:


Surfing in Jamaica

15 April 2014 by Karin in Worth A Visit [ no comments ]

Come surf Jamaica!



Welcome to Zimbali Retreat’s Mountain Cooking Studio

10 April 2014 by Karin in Good Food,Worth A Visit [ no comments ]


Here’s an interesting article,,  on Zimbali Retreat’s Mountain Cooking Studio. 

Located 20 minutes outside of Negril, Zimbali Retreats is located in a tropical mountain valley in Westmoreland.

Zimbali Retreats is a true eco-tourism attraction which has been for over 5 years operating 100% from solar electricity.

They have planted 500 fruit trees of all varieties and their farm is 100% organic, only using organic fertilizers and compost.

For more information on Zimbali Retreats see


36 Hours in Jamaica

27 March 2014 by Karin in Worth A Visit [ 1 comment ]



Here’s a great article from the New York Times describing 36 hours in Jamaica.

Also discovering Kingston, the writer sets out an itinerary for a fun filled 36 hours in Jamaica.

“Sun, sand and sea: a timeless recipe, readily available throughout the Caribbean. But sun, sand, sea — and city? Visit Jamaica to indulge in that one. Sure, the resplendent island has a range of resort areas where one can merrily get one’s beach-bum on. But it’s also got Kingston, a woefully underrated, misunderstood metropolis. Yes, there are slums and there is crime. But there is also cosmopolitan culture, pulsating night life, a booming local music scene and a host of other urban delights.” Read more: 36-hours-in-Jamaica



Esther Figueroa’s Launches her Environmental Novel Limbo

19 March 2014 by Karin in Books,Environment [ no comments ]

Esther Figueroa’s Jamaica launch of her environmental novel Limbo will be on Sunday, April 6, 11:00AM at UWI Mona at Neville Hall Auditorium (N1), sponsored by the Department of Literatures in English.

Prof. Carolyn Cooper with be giving the launch talk and the author will be reading from Limbo and signing books.

This will be the first opportunity to get copies in Jamaica.

About Limbo

“Limbo is an environmental novel about Jamaica that uniquely combines satire, romance, mystery and an environmental manifesto that “should evoke in every reader a passionate desire to redeem what is left clinging to the exposed roots [of Paradise]” (Olive Senior), with descriptions of nature that are “one of the most lyric & healing moments in Caribbean literature” (Kamau Braithwaite).

Shawna Yang Ryan describes the protagonist of Limbo, the “brilliant, sexy, and adorably anxious Flora Smith,” as “one of the most charming heroines I’ve encountered in recent fiction.” (from facebook)

About Esther Figueroa

Esther Figueroa, Ph.D. is a Jamaican independent filmmaker, writer and linguist.

With thirty years of media making including television programming, documentaries, educational videos, multimedia and feature film, her activist filmmaking gives voice to those outside of mainstream media.

Figueroa writes in a variety of genre – fiction and nonfiction, prose and poetry – on a wide range of topics. Her publications include Sociolinguistic Metatheory, and At Home the Green Remains. Her films include the award-winning feature documentary Jamaica for Sale. She lives in Jamaica.

For more information on Limbo, Esther Figueroa and for updates go to

More on YardEdge on Esther:


Jamaicans Get Into Pharrell Williams Happy Song

19 March 2014 by Karin in Videos [ no comments ]

We, Jamaicans, are supposedly some of the happiest people on earth…

Seems to be so if according to Pharrell Williams’ Happy song.


A Visit to the Maroon Village in Charles Town, Portland

15 March 2014 by Karin in Community Tourism,Worth A Visit [ 1 comment ]

The Maroon Museum in Charles Town, Portland, Jamaica

The Maroon Museum in Charles Town, Portland, Jamaica


Charles Town Maroon Village

Charles Town Maroon Village

I’m currently working on a Community Tourism capacity building and training program in six rural Jamaican communities as part of my work, along with two other tourism consultants, Hugh Cresser and Dr. Anthony Hall.  (see Expand Consulting).

We are going to be conducting training with community persons on how to develop and manage a community tourism product. I am doing training in business planning, marketing, and how to write a business plan.

Charles Town is one of the six communities. The others are Beeston Spring, Mount Peto, Treasure Beach, Resource, and Albert Town.

Charles Town is a Maroon Community located approximately 20 minutes drive south of Buff Bay.

The town is known for its Maroon history and culture, its Safu Yard, the Charles Town Drummers and Dancers, the Maroon Museum, as well as its tour of the area educating visitors on the history of Maroon culture.

For more about Charles Town see A visit to Charles Town on YardEdge.

On display at the Maroon Museum

On display at the Maroon Museum

Maroon Museum, Charles Town, Portland

Dancers in Charles Town, Maroon Museum

Dancers in Charles Town, Maroon Museum, entertaining a group of tourists from Holland

Earrings made from local beads, Craft Shop, Charles Town, Portland

Earrings made from local beads, Craft Shop, Charles Town, Portland


John Crow beads, used to made jewellery, Charles Town, Portland

John Crow beads, used to made jewellery, Charles Town, Portland


The Buff Bay River running through Charles Town, located in the Buff Bay Valley, Portland

The Buff Bay River running through Charles Town, located in the Buff Bay Valley, Portland

The river in Charles Town, Portland


Alpha Boys’ School Seeking Funding for a Studio and Media Lab

11 March 2014 by Karin in Good Works [ no comments ]

The Alpha Boys’ School in Kingston, Jamaica is seeking funding for a studio and media lab to be constructed on the campus of the historic school.

Here’s what it’s all about: and what they have to say about it:

This Kickstarter campaign seeks to raise the funds needed to complete construction and be operational by August 2014.

It’s really quite simple: We have to build a studio and production facility for Alpha boys to learn and use.

Currently, the Alpha Boys’ School Radio exists only as a fully automated online 24/7 radio station. With the support of Seton Hall University, and WXGR Radio in the USA, ABSR has started to acquire the equipment necessary for an on-air studio at the school.

This Kickstarter campaign will support the construction of the studio in an existing building Alpha set aside for training in music and vocations linked to music.

Specifically, this campaign will underwrite the cost of preparing the room for live broadcasting and vocational training, installing the equipment and purchasing the programming to run on them.

If we can reach our stretch goals, the campaign will also build workstations for graduating a generation of new musical ambassadors trained audio production.



Secrets of the Spirit Tree – A Jamaican Adventure

3 March 2014 by Karin in Books [ no comments ]


Check out this new book by T.L. Williams, Secrets of the Spirit Tree.

This is a wonderful new Jamaican story for adults and children alike!

Here’s what one review says about it, “Great story, wonderful reading. Although it is a children’s book I found myself fascinated by the story, the characters and the setting. Needless to say my 9-year old daughter and 7-year old son had some ‘discussions’ over whom was to read the book on the Ipad next”.

Buy here on Amazon:

About the book:

Two Jamaican children from Bluefields discover that the Silk Cotton or “Duppy Tree” has magical powers. In a series of mysterious events they meet a Spanish boy from the 16th Century and his Taino Indian friend. Together the four explore a lost civilization, stand together against bloodthirsty conquistadors and learn that friendship transcends time, space and culture.

A funny, thoughtful and original story!


About The Author

T. L. Williams is a linguist, teacher and writer who lives in Jamaica with a close knit family. Having studied in Canada, the U.S. and Europe, Williams returned home to teach and write. The historic, seaside community of Bluefields, Jamaica is a second home to the family where Williams established an adult education programme for the Bluefields Peoples’ Community Association.

Secrets of the Spirit Tree is the first publication of the Spirit Tree Trilogy. Look out for the second book in the series: The Return of the Son, to be published soon.

Other books by the author include : Reforming the GSAT – exploring the Fun Factor in Education, published by the Jamaica Commission for UNESCO in 2012.



Jimmy Fallon Covers Shaggy Tune, “It Wasn’t Me”

1 March 2014 by Karin in Videos [ no comments ]

Check out Jimmy Fallon and his Ragtine Gals barbership quartet covering Shaggy tune, “It Wasn’t Me”.

Jimmy Fallon is the new host of NBC’s “Tonight Show,” and frequently uses his “Ragtime Gals” barbershop quartet to spin  popular songs.

Shaggy won one Grammy Award and been nominated for four others, including “It Wasn’t Me,” which was a collaboration that featured Rikrok.

The video has gone viral on YouTube, already acquiring more than 1 million views.


Next Jakes Farm to Table Dinner is February 15

11 February 2014 by Karin in Worth A Visit [ no comments ]


February 15 is the next Jakes Farm to Table Dinner on Dool’s Farm in Treasure Beach. 

If you haven’t yet experienced dining on the plains of Jamaica’s south coast, don’t miss this one!

For my Jakes Dinner experience see:


5 Year Old Artists Stage First Art Exhibition

3 February 2014 by Karin in Art [ no comments ]

Zoë Anzinger showing off her artwork



Noah Levy


The artists being interviewed by TVJ


FIVE-YEAR-OLD Creative Kids Learning Academy students Zoë Anzinger and Noah Levy staged their debut art exhibition on January 26 as a fundraiser for the school.

The exhibition was  held at New Local Space Limited (NLS Gallery) on Mountain View Avenue in St Andrew.

The artists sold most of their 20 pieces of their work.

The exhibition was an opportunity to celebrate and encourage Noah and Zoë’s love of art and their initiative to help out their school.

The exhibition will run by appointment until February 15.









The Straight Caribbean Spine Foundation at Work in Jamaica

30 January 2014 by Karin in Good Works [ no comments ]

SCSF2 from andrew rath on Vimeo.

A MUST WATCH video about the work of the Straight Caribbean Spine Foundation in Jamaica.

Led by Founder, Dr. Robert Brady, SCSF has performed over 100 surgeries on Jamaican children over the past eight years, traveling to the island twice per year.

For more info see  straightcaribbeanspinefoundation


Want to Go Hashing in Jamaica?

29 January 2014 by Karin in Worth A Visit [ no comments ]


Here’s a great post about HASHING in Jamaica written by Dr. Susan Lowe, a holistic physician practising here in Kingston. 

Hashing is a mixture of athleticism and sociability, hedonism and hard work, a refreshing escape from the nine-to-five.

Hashing is a fun combination of running and partying, where bands of harriers and harriettes chase hares on eight-to-ten kilometer-long trails through town, country, and desert, all in search of exercise, camaraderie and good times.

See here for more on hashing in general and here for more information on hashing in Jamaica.

See information on Dr. Lowe and her post on hashing here: Hashing-in-jamaica-get-your-fresh-air-make-friends-explore-nearly-free/


Digital Jam 3.0 Caribbean Edition Happening Now

27 January 2014 by Karin in Entrepreneurs [ no comments ]


Digital Jam 3.0 “Caribbean Edition” has taken off!

Digital Jam 3.0 “Caribbean Edition” is now shaking up the Caribbean by engaging creative youngsters interested in becoming tech entrepreneurs, developing innovative apps, and learning how to work on-line!

It is a regional initiative of the World Bank with the OECS Secretariat, the Caribbean Development Bank, the Government of Jamaica and the Government of Canada, together with leading Caribbean public and private partners.

Digital Jam 3.0 “Caribbean Edition” seeks solutions to the high youth unemployment in Jamaica and the Caribbean via new opportunities in the virtual global economy including new niches such as microworks, e-lancing and the app economy.

The 3 categories (Pioneers of the Caribbean, Game Changers and Stunning Beginners) of the Apps Competition have received 180 submissions, 55 of which got shortlisted and are being developed by the respective teams.

In addition, a 4th category on E-Learning Apps was launched on January 6th and is OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS: For more information about this 4th special category click here.

Workshops to build awareness about platforms that allow working online are being conducted throughout the Caribbean.

Digital Jam 3.0 “Caribbean edition” will conclude on March 1-2 with a regional event at UWI Regional Headquarters in Kingston, Jamaica that will host a HACKATON and keynotes from global leaders and experts.