Current Affairs

KAYA Farms — a sister company to Kaya Herbhouse, home to Jamaica’s first legal medical cannabis dispensary — on Tuesday had its first official “cut” and harvest under the watchful eyes of the Cannabis Licensing Authority’s (CLA) interim Chief Executive Officer Augustus Staples at its farm in Drax Hall, St

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River, St. Mary, Jamaica
Photos from the Edge

Here are some photos of the Wag Water river in St. Mary, Jamaica.  I was working on a community tourism project a while back and really really wanted to just hang out by the river for the day. Unfortunately I wasn’t really dressed for a river bath but it was

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Beauty and the Beast

JMTC stages Beauty and the Beast!  The Jamaica Junior Theatre presents Beauty and the Beast playing every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from January 12- February 18 at the Philip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts. Directed by Akeem Mignott and Danielle Stiebel.   About JMTC The Jamaica Musical Theatre Company

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Banyan Tribe Wellness & Yoga YouTube Channel
Banyan Tribe Wellness & Yoga

Banyan Tribe Wellness & Yoga is excited to launch its YouTube channel! Banyan Tribe videos feature short yoga practices and meditations as well as information on Banyan Tribe’s wellness philosophy and principles. Banyan Tribe videos are created to help you to incorporate yoga and meditation into your day. Please check out

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Jamaican boy and his donkey
Yard Life

Here’s a photo taken of a young Jamaican boy and his donkey. You don’t see too many donkeys around anymore but they are still regular features of rural life in Jamaica. This was taken in Trelawny, also known in Jamaica as “yam country”. Jamaican boys and their donkey, Trelawny, Jamaica.

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