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Rootz Underground on the road with its “revolution” music

Rootz Underground in Chicago

For those of you who don’t yet know about Rootz Underground….they are without a doubt one of the most hyped reggae band to come out of Jamaica in the last few years. Known for their fiery performances, Rootz Underground has developed over the last eight years into a “must see” band.

Rootz Underground describes their music as “revolution music-edgy, raw, natural, roots” and say they are inspired mainly by everything that is Jamaica. Characterized by their vibrant performances and conscious lyrics, Rootz is generating a widespread loyal fanbase attracted to their “alternative reggae sound”. Rootz fever is spreading as they continue to tour the world carrying their “JAH-inspired” message to the masses.

Their first hit single “Victims of the System” together with its provocative, well produced video was number 1 on Tempo’s Cross Caribbean charts for five weeks. Their recent single “Hammer” is also poised to dominate the charts. Rootz Underground recently completed a muilt-city tour of the US, opening for Gregory Isaacs for some shows.

They are next scheduled to perform in Miami on April 26 at the Heineken Transatlantic Festival in South Beach and then they go to the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival in California on June 20.

Look out for Rootz Underground coming soon to a theatre near you!

Band Members are Stephen Newland-lead singer, Charles Lazarus- lead guitar, Jeffrey Moss-Solomon -rhythm guitar, Colin Young- bass guitar, Paul Smith-keyboard, and Leon Campbell -drummer.

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