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Live footage of Farenheit and Jigzagula in Brussels, Belgium

Farenheit in Brussels: Part 1

Jamaican dancehall-soul artist, Farenheit recently performed in Brussels, Belgium as part of the promotional activities for his new single, “Hit ‘Em” (with Sean Paul and Jigzagula).

Check out videos of Farenheit and Jigzagula (Jason Henriques), beginning with them conducting a radio interview with Contact RNB in Brussels.


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  7. BEN
    January 3, 2009 at 8:37 am — Reply

    hi KARIN, hi people on YARDEDGE,

    i’m expecting new dates for FARENHEIT in EUROPE (WEST GERMANY)

    i’ll let u know all about that!


  8. burrokeet
    July 15, 2008 at 8:11 am — Reply

    people r krazy inna farin

    but that song is dope still

  9. All was so crazy these days wid Farenheit and Jigzagula.

    First along road trip from Amsterdam to Brussels. Then, the hotel! so lux!! one of the most luxury of Brussels.

    After That the radio, on Contact RNB hosted by DJ Daddy K (dj n°1 i Belgium for 20years!!!)(ask here to book :-p) and the ”S”. the tradition was respected, the artists who were invited had to call somebody famous, so we called BLAXXX.
    A Live session in the studio also was given.
    At the GLitzlub we came inna di place wid style!! people reconize dem directly and pictures were taken by sexy gyals.

    Theparty began by Watching ladies on the Tibaland beat followed by When u r gone. afte That Seven Days then, Hit Em with perfomance of Jigzagula.

    a sexygyal became to dance on stage and people were more and more exited.

    at the end of the show (song: smoke weed, get drunk, and F****) people reacted fast to these words and put dem lighters up.

    Crazy party for Big Artist.

    Waiting for a new one!!

    also people are expecting more promotion and more info ad cd’s or singles in shops.

    BEN aka mr Wiggle Corleone


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