Echomatik New EP Hanover Out on Beatport

Jamaican house music duo, Echomatik’s new EP Hanover is out today exclusively on Beatport – grab a copy today and help them chart the lead track “Realise”.

Click here to buy on Beatport: Beatport

Echomatik gives you techno – funky, deep, dark, acid, melodic and minimal.

Echomatik is Jeremy Harding and Christopher Edmonds. They reunited in 2016 to revisit one of their original loves – electronic music.

The pair had originally worked together in 2012 as production and writing team Stereo Massive, teaming up with Italian tribal electro artist Congorock and Jamaican dancehall superstar Sean Paul on “Bless Di Nation” for Ultra Records.

About Echomatik

An unlikely sound from an unlikely duo from an unlikely place.

Echomatik offers the world a fresh combination of sounds, carefully generated in their secret lab nestled high in the hills above (of all places) Kingston, Jamaica. They like kick drums, reverb and funky vocals, but most of all they like it when people dance.

Both Christopher and Jeremy are producers and engineers and musicians – Jeremy is a guitar hero, with a bit of help from his training at The Royal Schools of Music in London and Trebas Institute in Montreal. He’s the one that stays up all night tuning claps and hi-hats and tweaking bus compression and will debate mic placement via text message until the battery on your mobile dies. On a completely unrelated note, he also produced many of the seminal dancehall tracks of the late 90s and early 2000s, but that’s a story for another time.

Christopher is the keyboard guy and the one with the Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and the unfinished Ph.D. from Stanford University’s CCRMA programme (birthplace of FM and physical modelling synthesis). He can tell you how to remove non-stationary noise using discrete time orthonormal basis functions, but he would rather discuss why that bassline is so damn funky.

Both are experienced DJs and performers – Jeremy learned the art playing in the house and hip-hop clubs of Montreal and Toronto and Christopher playing in clubs and at festivals in Miami and California. Equally at home with vinyl, CDs or laptops, they’re also not afraid to bring some studio kit on stage with them as well.

Both are music biz folks – both have been speakers, hosts and judges at the Red Bull Music Academy, Red Bull Bass Camps and Red Bull Thre3style competitions.

Jeremy’s been an artist manager, run a label and lectured at seminars and universities. He’s got an MTV Moon Man and a wall full of platinum and gold plaques for records he’s produced. Christopher runs a publishingand distribution company and is also a frequent speaker at industry events. He’s jealous of the Moon Man, but luckily it doesn’t fit in his laptop bag.

For more about what Echomatik is up to LIKE their page:

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