Coming Soon from Afflicted Yard: The Last Don

Peter Dean Rickards has brilliantly captured the essence of  Josef Bogdanovich, CEO of Downsound Records, in a thirty minute pilot episode of a new series,  DiMaggio: The Last Don (screened one night only last June).

In the pilot, Bogdanovich, who runs Kingston-based entertainment company Downsound Records, is involved in artist management  and concert and record production and is, to say the least, a character. The show follows Bogdanovich from Kingston to Negril were he is planning a concert for DJ Harry Toddler. The show aslo interviews Bogdanovich and several of his staff/co-workers who describe life at Downsound.

The Last Don gives an uncanny insight into the man behind Downsound Records and gives the audience a sneak peak behind the scenes of the local entertainment scene. The photography is interesting and creative as Peter Rickards always is. Above all the show is hilariously funny although I’m not sure it was meant to be.

A must see.

Check out YardEdge’s interview with PeterDean Rickards  Part 1Part 2

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