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  1. temple12
    May 13, 2009 at 6:17 am — Reply

    Just read your article from the Independent….the article is not! Foreign media spend limited time in the island and tend to pick out all that is bad.
    Sure we have problems, sure a lot of it is due to our colonial past, sure there is still evidence of that past….but did the reporter really look around at the businesses, large and small; did he really talk to enough people to get an unbiased view?
    “Hope has not died, yet I was in no hurry to go back.” The truth is, no one is asking you to. Stay where you are and write your articles.
    With all its socio economic problems Jamaica will survive, and will improve. The biased negativism of articles like this one do not help us, or our people.
    But like a lot of media persons, all the article has done is criticise rather than assist with some positive solutions…but then I guess that’s not the reporter’s job, is it?

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