Climate Change – What Is It All About Really?

Here’s an interesting take on what climate change is all about and what we can do about it.

Since starting to work on a public education campaign for the University of the West Indies, Institute of Sustainable Development to raise awareness about how to develop more climate change resilient buildings, I’ve recently become interested in learning more about climate change in general and the myriad factors that contribute to it and how it’s affecting us here in the Caribbean.

The main objective of the UWI/ISD project is to assess climate-change related risks and to help increase resilience in the building stock of Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Named, ‘Build Better Jamaica’, the project aims to:

1. develop new design and construction concepts using energy, water and resource-efficient material;

2. improve the assessment of climate change related risks as it relates to infrastructure; and,

3. to increase awareness, knowledge and dissemination of information about climate resilient construction concepts.

Please support our efforts by liking us on facebook.com/BuildBetterJamaica and following us on twitter.com/BuildBetterJA

How do you think climate change is affecting us here in the Caribbean?




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