Trail-blazing Traveling Exhibit for WBO and Emrie James Museum


“To provide leadership in the development of women business owners through education, research, mentorship and networking.”

To mark the occasion of the 101st International Women’s Day (IWD), the Women Business Owners Jamaica Limited (WBO) and the Emrie James Museum at St. Andrew High (SAHS Museum) will commence working together to develop a traveling exhibit with storyboards featuring the evolving history and achievements of the WBO organization including the IDB-funded women’s training program.

This project will weave the missions of both entities that seek to provide a foundation for young women and supporters of women across Jamaica to emulate.

Women’s education has a “multiplier effect,” according to the head of the UN Development Program. Educating women improves their rights in all areas, including property and work. Financial independence, born out of better education, brings prosperity to communities.

WBO’s President Yaneek Page said “The WBO supports the economic and social empowerment of Jamaican women and is therefore pleased to partner with the SAHS Museum to inspire young women

to pursue entrepreneurship and to showcase the achievements of women in business.”

The exhibit’s storyboards will serve as a visual picture of an entrepreneur’s journey, milestones and

challenges in business, community development and philanthropic deeds of trail-blazing women


In the words Mrs. Margaret Reckord Bernal, the Museum’s curator and St. Andrew High alumna, “The collaboration between the WBO and the Emrie James Museum represents the kind of relationships the museum wishes to develop in the future.

This showcasing of achievements by women in business is especially appropriate today, on International Women’s Day.

Personal, triumphant stories of Jamaican women will make their way out to schools and other cultural spaces in the island.

This unique and special networking will continue as the museum explores throughout the years, other themes and relationships which highlight the creative vision and entrepreneurial spirit of Jamaican people.”

The marquee installation at the Emrie James Museum will not be alone for too long as both the museum and the WBO believe it is important to share history.

Therefore the exhibit will later be showcased at high schools, libraries and any other institutions interested both locally and overseas.

WBO and the SAHS Museum are open to dialogue about project sponsorship. More details will be announced at the museum’s literary event at 6p.m today.

About WBO 

Women Business Owners Jamaica Limited (WBO) was established in 2003 to foster and promote the success of women business owners through education, research, mentorship and networking. The 2012 President is Yaneek Page, past student of St. Andrew High. Meet the WBO Executive team at womenbusinessownersja.com

The Strengthening & Promoting Women Entrepreneurs in Jamaica Project

Strengthening & Promoting Women Entrepreneurs in Jamaica is a 3-year project, being implemented by Women Business Owners Ja. Ltd. (WBO), and funded by the Multi-Lateral Investment fund, a member of the Inter-American Development Bank.

WBO Community: facebook.com/womenbusinessownersja

About the Emrie James Museum

The first purpose-built museum in Jamaica features “Life More Abundant” women and currently holds the award for Jamaica’s best video blog (see: youtube.com/sahsmuseum). The museum is located at St. Andrew High School (SAHS), 10 Cecelio Avenue, Kingston 10 and is open to the public weekdays and by appointments. Curator: Mrs. Margaret Reckord Bernal, Cultural arts specialist, designer of Jamaica’s Military Museum and proud St. Andrew High Old Girl.

Contact: sahsmuseum@gmail.com and 926-5925/6 Ext 232

Museum Community: facebook.com/sahs.museum


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