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Happening on the Edge 2013MusicZincbeats

Jah9 launched her debut album, “New Name” to a highly appreciative capacity crowd and rave reviews at Redbones last night. An eclectic evening of music, dance, poetry, and album reviews, the launch was a well produced affair with Jah9 and her accompanying hand picked band (Rory’s Dubbites) thrilling audiences with

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Happening on the Edge 2012

We love Sezi! She’s a great entertainer – singer, songwriter and dancer! She’ll be performing this Friday, July 13 at Redbones – don’t miss it! For more info see Sezi Live. For more on Sezi see Sezi elevates Redbones. See also YardEdge interview with Sezi.

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Happening on the Edge 2011MusicSezi

  Sarah “Sezi” Silvera has grown to be one of YardEdge’s favourite artists- a talented singer, performer and songwriter, she projects a tremendous amount of confidence and energy on stage.

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Happenings On The EdgeSezi

  Up and coming local songstress, Sarah “Sezi” Silvera will be performing at Redbones Blues Cafe, July 8 at 9pm. Sezi is a talented singer, songwriter, storyteller, and dancer and never fails to entertain her audiences with her unique animated style and provative lyrics. Check out the show for sure! Admission

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Happening on the Edge 2010

In this 2009 video, the Maurice Gordon Trio plays live at Redbones Blues Cafe with Maurice Gordon on guitar, Alvis Reid on bass and Jeremy Ashbourne on drums. Renowned Jamaican jazz guitarist Maurice Gordon and Italian Samuele Vivian perform at Redbones Blues Cafe this Thursday, April 29 in an evening

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