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  The Ward Theatre as we know it was built in 1912 and is the third theatre to stand on the same site since 1775. It stands as a Jamaican landmark and a showcase for the nation’s culture. Its mission is to function as a civic & cultural centre thus

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A highly talented 33-year old who has spent his life in a wheelchair because of his physical condition, acquired at birth, known as cerebral palsy, Astro is an artist. While his physical condition has severely limited his body movements, Astro uses a special device that allows him to make beautiful

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Yard Life

Here are some great shots by Berette Macaulay of the new Digicel building that just went up on the waterfront in downtown Kingston. The new Digicel global headquarters will be the most environmentally friendly major office building in the Caribbean using solar power, wind power and geothermal cooling systems. Will the

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On October 30, entrepreneur Karen Hutchinson will be launching some exciting new products for Jamaicans as well as for visitors to our capital city. Via her company, Jamaica Cultural Enterprises, Karen will be offering “cultural tours” of Kingston including tours of Kingston’s key places of interest and  gallery “art treks”.

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Here’s a fascinating documentary on the “street side salons” of downtown Kingston done by Anna Alissa Alhousseini, a 23 year old exchange student from Germany and Niger (West Africa) who was studying at UWI in 2008. Anna is studying “Cinema and Media Studies”.

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