Poems in Honor of World Poetry Day

YardEdge thanks Bianca Welds for this contribution of her poetry in support of World Poetry Day celebrated yesterday.

By day, Bianca is Assistant Manager at a web development company, one step on her path to using technology to help creative organisations succeed, but after sunset, her own creative muse emerges and she becomes poet, writer, musician, songwriter, blogger, photographer.

Bianca says of her poetry, “I love playing with language, structure, symmetry, patterns etc. while looking at the ordinary topics in life”.


The rotations of the earth cause certain reactions

Particles flying inward, others flung far apart.

Invisible forces exist, no less real than man;

Pulling and pushing in an eternal balance

As some are drawn in, others give up space

Returning to positions held so long before

An equilibrium in time, the constant change,

things become as they were, to begin again.


Beware of Father

It was … a normal night

You were … in the wrong place

He was … there at the wrong time

It is … all different now

You are … just part of society

He is … more than I knew

It will be … part of our life

You will be … the monster in our dreams

He will be … my hero forever

You had … no right to enter

He had … the presence of mind

We had … peace before

You have … transferred your fear

He has … learnt his lesson

We have … a tighter bond

You will have … your judgement day

He will have … his victory

We will have … strength together


My Land


This is what we value, held dear to our hearts

Or is it more yellow, for the cowardly way we live

We don’t know what it truly means to be rich


Our souls are stained through our envy

Where’s mine? We declare as we take our right

We don’t recognize what we already have


Such are the thoughts and hearts of some of ours

Who have lost their way or never found it

It seems they have forgotten how to love

and yet…


This is the sunshine, the rays that light our isle

Greeting us all year, we are smiled on from above

Blessed are we that we should be this rich


The towering hills still covered in trees

Fields of goodness from which we can feast

Truly this is an amazing gift that we have


For our people whose skin comes in all shades

The strength that has brought us this far

This will always be the land that I love


You can contact Bianca at info@biancawelds.com


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    Thank you for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your next post thanks once again.

  2. March 22, 2011 at 3:43 pm — Reply

    […] did share a few poems with another website owner, who posted them in honour of yesterday’s occasion (i.e. World Poetry Day). So for me that was a leap. That’s me “claiming” to be a […]

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