YardEdge Talks to Dancer/Choreographer Kyisha Patterson

This is the last in a series of interviews with Jamaican dancers and choreographers who participated in the recent Jamaica Dance Umbrella showcase.


YardEdge: Why are you an artist/dancer and when did you first become one?

Kyisha: Dancer/ Choreography- At nine years old doing ballet at Vickers Dance Studio

YardEdge: How would you describe your work?

Kyisha: Eclectic- A mixture of all genres. I like to do a lot of social commentary pieces.

YardEdge:  What type of dance do you do?

Kyisha: All types-reggae, folk but mostly modern contemporary

YardEdge: Which company/group do you dance with, if any?

Kyisha: None but in the initial stages of forming own

YardEdge: What artists/dancers have influenced you and how?

Kyisha: Patsy Ricketts- always remembered for her poise and L’Antoinette Stines for her creativity and always trying different things

YardEdge: What other interests do you have outside of dance?

Kyisha: Teaching; choreography

YardEdge: What inspires you to keep motivated when things get tough?

Kyisha: My family and close friends

YardEdge: How did you get started as a dancer?

Kyisha: My mommy sent me to ballet as a child

YardEdge: Who are some dance companies and or dancers that you admire?

Kyisha: My brother- Kirk Patterson; Neila Ebanks

YardEdge: What are the best and worst parts of being a dancer?

Kyisha: Best parts-being on stage and seeing your work on stage. Worst parts- injuries

YardEdge: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Kyisha: With my own dance company, touring the world and doing choreography on major shows

YardEdge: How would you describe the state of the dance world in Jamaica ?

Kyisha: Growing, people are finally giving dance much needed attention but there is still a long way to go

YardEdge: If you could be doing anything you wanted, what would that be?

Kyisha: Choreographing fulltime and running my dance company

YardEdge: How have you developed your skill?

Kyisha: Constant work, showcasing work on shows, working with different bodies

YardEdge: Do you dance professionally? i.e. Getting paid to dance? Do you want to?

Kyisha: I have before but not a lot…I would love to but I would prefer getting paid for choreography

YardEdge: What’s going on in your head when you’re performing?

Kyisha: Just enjoying myself

YardEdge: What makes you want to get up out of bed in the morning?

Kyisha: My son-Shaun-Francis

YardEdge: Final thoughts?

Kyisha: I am happy for the opportunity to showcase my work and willing to work (choreography) if anybody interested.

You can contact Kyisha via email at

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