Red Stripe – Make Something From Nothing

Here’s a cool video from Make Something from Nothing, the first of a series of cultural projects called ‘Make with a Red Stripe’, features a unique sound sculpture created by sound artist Yuri Suzuki, in collaboration with DJ Al Fingers, singer/songwriter Gappy Ranks and designer Matthew Kneebone.

The 2.5 metre high, fully functioning sound sculpture is made using thousands of recycled Red Stripe beer cans partly collected at this year’s Notting Hill carnival.

The project celebrates the DIY culture of the brand’s Jamaican roots, with Reggae, Dub and Jamaican music influences as well.


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  1. Karin
    October 3, 2012 at 4:06 pm — Reply

    I agree, we should do something like this with all the tons of plastic bottles we see strewn around the place, sponsored by WATA or the other plastic bottle manufacturers!!!

  2. October 3, 2012 at 5:31 am — Reply

    This is bloody marvellous ! Could this idea be rolled out for children / young people on a workshop basis ? Jamaica is very beautiful yet its full of litter, a way to inspire and look after the island’s environment ? I think yes!

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