Bowden Pen Farmers Association Presents “Ancestral Memories, A Valley Sinting”

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Bowden Pen Farmers Association presents “Ancestral Memories, A Valley Sinting” in honour of our African Ancestors.

Immerse yourself in nature, the sights, sounds and taste of Freedom.

When: Emancipation Day August 1, 2013

At Ambassabeth Cabins

Bowden Pen, Upper Rio Grande Valley – Portland/St. Thomas

10:00 a.m. to Midnight


· Rock to pulsating & syncopated rhythms of Kumina Drums

· Mento Band & Vintage sounds

· Surprise guest artistes/cultural ambassadors and Cherry Natural / Poet


Traditional Foods that sustained the ancestors on sale

Adm: Spirit of love


For overnight accommodation call 462 8163 or

Email us at

For more on Bowden Pen and the Ambassabeth Eco Cabins.  

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