Jamaica’s Fat Tyre Festival Brings Cyclists Together in St. Mary

Talk about riding on the EDGE! Jamaica Fat Tyre Festival - Photos courtesy of SMORBA

The Jamaica Fat Tyre Festival is a week-long mountain biking extravaganza that highlights Jamaica’s unique culture and amazing countryside trails bringing cyclists from around the world together to experience  Jamaica’s idyllic St. Mary.

This year the festival goes from February 19 to 26th.

The St. Mary Off-Road Bicycling Association (SMORBA) has been running the event for the past 5 years. SMORBA is a non-profit organization dedicated to locating, building and maintaining bicycling opportunities on Jamaica’s North Coast.

SMORBA also stages the “Jamaica Bicycle Bash – A Celebration of Jamaican Bicycling Culture” to promote the sport of mountain biking to local Jamaicans.

For more info see Jamaica Fat Tyre Festival

See video and more info and photos here at


Jamaica Flat Tyre Festival - Photos courtesy of SMORBA

Jamaica Flat Tyre Festival - Photos courtesy of SMORBA


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