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Archaeological Society of Jamaica Symposium & Book Launch on April 8 and 9

All are invited to attend the 13th Symposium of the Archaeological Society of Jamaica on this week Wednesday and Thursday.
The closing event on Thursday will be the Book Launch of ‘Falmouth, Jamaica: Architecture as History’.

Please see below the schedule for the Symposium.

Chapter member, Ke Vaughn Harding of Falmouth Heritage Renewal, will be presenting on the first day – ‘Preserving Falmouth in the 21st Century: Approaches to Archaeological Conservation in the 21st Century’.
The cost for attending the Symposium is J$1,000.

For further information please contact Marina Delfos

Chairman – Georgian Society of Jamaica, Falmouth & Trelawny Chapter, marina.delfos@gmail.com


April 8th – 9th 2015

Archaeological Society of Jamaica, 13th Symposium

Multifunctional Room, Main Library, University of the West Indies, Mona


Admission Rates: $1000; ASJ members, $800; O.A.P.s $800; students, $200


Wednesday April 8th

Aspects of Conservation

12:15. Doors Open

12:30. Registration opens

1 p.m. Welcome, Dr. Paulette Kerr, Librarian, University of the West Indies, Mona

1:20 – 2:20. Panel 1: Engaging with Texts

Stanley H. Griffin, University Archives, U.W.I. Mona. ‘“Digging for Records” Using “Community Archives” to broaden the heritage reach in Jamaica’

Cherry-Ann Smart, West Indies Collection, Main Library, U.W.I. Mona, ‘Born fi Dead: Preservation and Conservation of Born Digital Cultural Heritage in Jamaica’

2:30-3:45. Panel 2: Engaging with Buildings

Errol Alberga, ‘The Restoration of the Morant Bay Courthouse’

KeVaughn Harding, Coordinator of Architectural Resources, Falmouth Heritage Trust, ‘Preserving Falmouth in the 21st Century: Approaches to Archaeological Conservation in the 21st Century’

Coffee Break

 4:30-5:30. Panel 3: Engaging with Paint

Joelle Salkey, ‘Issues facing preventive conservation in tropical environments’

William (Bill) Poinsett, ‘Restoration of the Resurrection Chapel Painting at the Anglican Cathedral in Spanish Town’

6:00.   Archaeological Society of Jamaica, Annual General Meeting

6:15. Lecture, Ainsley Henriques


Election of Officers


Thursday – April 9th

8:30. Doors open

8:45. Registration opens

 9:20.   Welcome, James Robertson, President, ASJ

Prayer, Evelyn Thompson, past-President, ASJ

9:30-10:30. Panel 4: Functional Buildings with Style

Emilie Johnson, Thomas Jefferson Foundation, ‘Plantation Hospitals at Good Hope, Orange Valley, and Kellits: Why here? Why now?’

Suzanne Francis-Brown, Curator UWI Museum, ‘Early tropical modernist architecture and the University College of the West Indies’

10:30-11:15. Coffee Break

 Poster Sessions/Exhibit

Donnette Zacca, Department of Photography, Edna Manley College, ‘Imaging the Jamaican Taino Artifacts: Still digital photographs as a resource’

Jodi-Ann Wellington, ‘The Insignificantly Significant’

 11:15-12:35. Panel 5, Reconsidering Prehistoric Contexts

 Theresa Rodriguez and David Miller, Department of Geography & Geology, U.W.I., Mona, ‘The Use of Ostracods in the Paleoclimatic Reconstruction of the Albion Ponds, Jamaica over a 1300 Year Period’

Ivan Roksandic, University of Winnipeg, ‘Early Connections Between Central America and the Western Caribbean Islands’

Ivor Conolley, ‘Jamaican Taíno Symbols: Implications for Religious Rituals and Intra- and Inter-community Status and Communication’

12:30-1:40. Lunch

 You will need to find your own food. There are several restaurants on campus

 1:40-2:50. Panel 6, Modern Fortifications

Session Chair: Captain Staci-Marie Dehaney, Curator, Jamaica Military Museum and Library

Zachary J. M. Beier, Department of History & Archaeology, U.W.I., Mona, ‘The Archaeology of Caribbean Fortifications: Insights from the Cabrits Garrison and Fort Rocky’

Merrick Needham, civilian historian, Jamaica Military Museum and Library, ‘A Coastal Defence Gun at Constant Spring?!’

3:00-4:20. Panel 7, Fieldwork and its Findings

 Thera Edwards, ‘Lines of response: Exploring tramways and light railways in post-Emancipation, Jamaica’

Kennedy Reid, ‘Looking for the Ex-Slaves of Kitson Town’

Susan Lockwood, ‘What is Past, is Prologue: Design Shifts in Jewish Tombstone Iconography in 18th-19th Century Jamaica’

4:30-5:30. Panel 8, The substance of buildings

Sherene A. James-Williamson and Simon F. Mitchell, Department of Geography & Geology, U.W.I. Mona, ‘Source of the Seville Stones?’

Anthony R.D. Porter, ‘The unique Potosi stone chute, Trelawny, Jamaica’

5:30-5:35. Vote of Thanks

5:36 –  Refreshments and discussion


Open Meeting


6:30. Book Launch – Falmouth Jamaica: Architecture as History

Louis P. Nelson and Edward A. Chappell with Brian L. Cofrancesco and Emilie Johnson,

 Comment: James Robertson, Department of History & Archaeology, U.W.I. Mona and President, Archaeological Society of Jamaica

Response: Louis Nelson, Department of Architectural History, School of Architecture, University of Virginia


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