Medics on a Mission at Work in Jamaica

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Medics On A Mission, Inc. has been traveling to Jamaica since 2009.

They have carried out three mission trips to St Ann’s Bay Hospital, doing prostate surgeries and other urologic procedures for needy patients, some who have been waiting years to get their operation.

The Medics on a Mission Story

The first mission trip was back in November, 2009 at St Ann’s Bay Hospital, Jamaica.

Urologists, Dr Bruce Kava and Dr Tasha Cooke, were the first surgeons to volunteer.

The surgeries performed were transurethral prostate resections (TURPs) and urethral slings for patients with prostate enlargement and urinary incontinence.

In 2010 and 2011 the group returned to perform more desperately needed TURPs, to repair urethral strictures, and for the first time, in 2010 carried out upper and lower endoscopies.

They are now planning for our fourth, tentatively set for November, 2013.

They need your help!

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