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Places to visit in Jamaica


Here’s an article from today’s New York Times on Jamaica.  It’s worth a read though it sticks mainly to the usual spots…  “I was trying not to slip as I traipsed over the stone pavement in the drizzle at the old fort at Port Royal in Kingston, the “wickedest city

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Photos from the EdgeWorth A Visit

Thanks to Jamaican photographer, Pierre Diaz for this photo from the edge! These beautiful waterfalls are in White River, St. Mary and looks like a great place for a cool dip this hot summer!

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Worth A Visit

Here are some photos from my visit to Sturge Town. Sturge Town is located high up in the hills of St. Ann and is home to some of Jamaica’s most charming old buildings, homes and church. Sturge Town was named after Joseph Sturge, the Quaker philanthropist who advocated for the

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