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I had an amazing Indian foot massage also called Padabhyana last week with Colette Garrick at the Wanderer and thought I’d share… So here’s a little info on what Padabhyanga is all about and why its so good for you and feels so great! About Padabhyanga: Feet are a very

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For the entire month of June, the Wanderer is having a sale of 20% of all merchandise including vintage American and Mexican Silver jewelry, art, and prints.  The Wanderer also has a great selection of buddahs, mirrors and other cool art and craft collected from around the world. Check out

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YardEdge: What is The Wanderer? Colette: The Wanderer is a small bazaar-like shop that is constantly evolving. In 1982 The Wanderer was a Mexican Craft shop, now it carries an extensive collection of vintage Native American silver jewellery and vintage/retro handbags, Carpe Diem t-shirts, Feng Shui enhancers and a variety

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