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Breds has been named as one of the top seven charities to donate to this year. Congrats Breds! Read more: Breds, The Treasure Beach Foundation is a volunteer-based charitable organization run by members of the Treasure Beach community for the benefit of the community. Treasure Beach is in St. Elizabeth

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Jim Curl has been the main organizer behind the unique and ultra cool Jake’s Off-Road Triathlon held in Treasure Beach for ten years now.  YardEdge caught up with Jim to find out what makes the Jake’s Triathlon so special! YardEdge: Tell us about the Jake’s Triathlon? How and when did

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The annual Hook ‘N’ Line Fishing Tournament was held last weekend at Calabash Bay, St. Elizabeth. The competition, which started in 1996, is now in its 14th year and is a fundraiser for various BREDS projects. BREDS, a Treasure Beach Foundation, is a  grassroots organization led by stakeholders in the community

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