Sound Culture University Brings Together Artists and Musicians to Share Ideas


Sounds of Life (SO((U))L) will be hosting a series of public discussions and presentations in Emancipation Park called Sound Culture University.

Sound Culture University focuses on understanding the relationship between music, society and culture. The gathering provides an alternative space for music lovers, artist, producers, and musicians, to engage in music, share ideas, and gain new perspective.

The first discussion starts Friday May 6 at 6pm.

The main facilitators for this discussion will be Annie Paul (cultural critic and writer), Ganga I (poet) and Italee (artist).

For further Information visit or call 298-6251.


They will be meeting people at the main entrance of the Emancipation Park across from SWEET WOOD JERK JOINT.

TEAM members will be wearing Red or Yellow T-shirts. They will be holding a brightlty coloured RADIO.

If you miss them at the gate when you get into the park, look for them on the grass at the front of the park sitting on two large pieces of cloth.

If you can’t find them still call 298-6251 and they will find you!


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  1. May 12, 2011 at 9:34 am — Reply

    This will be good event to attend to discuss why ALL music is acceptable, even those that may be deemed as inappropriate – what may be the meansing behind it, and what does it represent to listeners.

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