Jamaica Awarded $1 million to help clean up Kingston Harbour

This is awesome news! We will be getting some help to clean up Kingston Harbour! Kingston harbour used to be clean enough to swim in but has been severely polluted for decades now! 

Source: The Ocean Cleanup

Furthering along our efforts to tackle the world’s 1000 most polluting rivers, the Benioff Ocean Initiative has awarded The Ocean Cleanup $1 million (USD) to deploy an Interceptor in Kingston Harbour, Jamaica in a multi-year project.

This location is vital to Jamaica’s tourism and its visibility is indicative of the country’s commitment to protecting the environment.

This award is one of nine granted by the Benioff Ocean Initiative, which has in part been supported by the Coca-Cola Foundation.

Our research has indicated that Hunts Bay, which pours into Kingston Harbour, is Jamaica’s highest polluted waterway, responsible for an estimated 578,000 kg of plastic flowing into the ocean each year, which equates to roughly the weight of 80 African elephants.

Read more: https://bit.ly/2ytrTvP

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