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Happening on the Edge 2013MusicZincbeats

Jah9 launched her debut album, “New Name” to a highly appreciative capacity crowd and rave reviews at Redbones last night. An eclectic evening of music, dance, poetry, and album reviews, the launch was a well produced affair with Jah9 and her accompanying hand picked band (Rory’s Dubbites) thrilling audiences with

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New Name is the debut album from rising female reggae vocalist Janine “Jah9” Cunningham. Jah9 has been credited as the creator of the “Jazz on Dub” genre, and New Name reflects this masterful blend of the jazz melodies of Billie Holiday and Nina Simone with the dancehall attack of Sizzla

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Rootz Underground

DOWNLOAD HERE: Rootz Underground Download Courtesy of Rootz Underground: The immortal Stone Love and selector Rory, forged a reputation during the 80’s and 90’s in the inner city communities of Kingston Jamaica.  A living legend within the soundsystem movement, Stone Love rose to the top by promoting reggae dancehall culture, Jamaica,

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