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“Mystical Madonnas” by Jamaican artist Juliet Thorburn opened on¬†Friday April 6th at the Willow On State Gallery in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, USA. Juliet’s collection of 22 vibrant and colourful oil paintings pay tribute to the female figure in all her true essence and glory. Many people turned out for this

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Madonna of the Chakras-Oil Capturing the Imagination-Oil YardEdge: How would people who know you describe you? Juliet: Sensitive, thoughtful, someone who thinks about things deeply (and maybe thinks too much at times), likes to talk about meaningful and interesting things, enjoys good company, a people person whose friends and family

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    YardEdge talks to Jamaican watercolour artist Juliet Thorburn about her work and what it’s like to be a full time artist in Jamaica. YardEdge: Why are you an artist? Juliet: It’s a creative outlet for me- a part of my self expression. YardEdge: When did you first become

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