Update on My Training for the Reggae Marathon 10K

18 April 2012 by Karin in Sports [ 1 comment ]

My training ground - the running track at the Mona Dam, Kingston, Jamaica

Here’s anĀ interview I did with the Reggae Marathon blogĀ about how my training for the Reggae Marathon (10k actually) is going so far.

I train at the Mona dam which is actually a beautiful place for walking, jogging and running with lots of different types of Jamaican birds, serene mountain views and a friendly community of fellow walkers and runners.

The Reggae Marathon, half and 10K in Negril have always looked like a ton of fun to me and this year I’m going to check it out for myself.

So runners and non-runners (walkers) like me come on down to Negril December 1 and see what all the hype is all about!

1 comment about “Update on My Training for the Reggae Marathon 10K”
  • » ReggaeMarathon RunninGuy on 18 April 2012

    You are going to do just fine. No, let me take that back…you are going to do very well. Especially when you get your hubby to come along…he should be good with the 5:15 am start time :)

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